Senator Questions White House Surveillance Program 

Senator Wyden says law enforcement can obtain trillions of domestic phone records without a warrant.

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon sent a letter to the Department of Justice questioning the legality of a program of President Biden’s administration that gives law enforcement access to trillions of phone records. 

“I have serious concerns about the legality of this surveillance program, and the materials provided by the DOJ contain troubling information that would justifiably outrage many Americans and other members of Congress,” Senator Wyden wrote. 

Under the White House program, law enforcement is able to access the details of Americans’ calls and analyze their phone records, even in the absence of a suspected commission of a crime. The program gives law enforcement “the ability to request often-warrantless searches of trillions of domestic phone records,” Senator Wyden said. 

“This surveillance program is not classified,” Senator Wyden wrote. “The public interest in an informed debate about government surveillance far outweighs the need to keep this information secret.” 

He added, “This is a long-running dragnet surveillance program in which the White House pays AT&T to provide all federal, state, local, and Tribal law enforcement agencies the ability to request often-warrantless searches of trillions of domestic phone records.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Senator Wyden as he raises concerns regarding the legality of the White House surveillance program.
  • For Justice Department officials as they respond to the senator’s questions.
  • For the president and members of his administration to follow the law regarding obtaining Americans’ phone logs.

Sources: Daily Caller, Washington Times 


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