Army Seeks More Creativity from Special Forces

The service seeks to cultivate innovation.

Brigadier General Lawrence ”Gil” Ferguson, Commander of 1st Special Forces Command, stated recently that he would like Army special operators to become more creative. The tactical innovations that have been implemented in Ukraine were behind his comments.

“Technology is not going to win the next fight,” General Ferguson said. “The side that applies new technology with the most creativity and audacity is going to win.”

“Creativity is a major component of what we’re looking for in the people that we recruit,” the general said. He added, “We encourage a culture of creativity and innovation within the command.”

General Ferguson also advocated for a synchronized approach among the Army’s special ops components. While potential troop reductions in Army special operations are under discussion, the general indicated that tailored force structure changes may be made to integrate capabilities based on the specific operating environments across the globe.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For General Ferguson as he commands the 1st Special Forces Command.
  • For U.S. Army Secretary Wormuth to seek God’s wisdom as she oversees this military branch.
  • For Defense Secretary Austin as he heads the Department of Defense.

Sources: Military Times, Army Times


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