Space Force Pauses Use of ChatGPT, Language AI

Memo states online AI programs gathering personal data pose a security risk.

The U.S. Space Force recently paused the use of ChatGPT and other web-based artificial intelligence (AI) programs among its workforce, citing security concerns about the collection of private data through those programs. Web-based programs are often free because they collect small forms of personal information through the user’s computer, which are sold to information databases and other companies for high prices.

An agency memo issued in late September made the announcement to Space Force workers, referred to internally as Guardians, adding that their office for technology and innovation has formed a generative AI task force with other Pentagon offices to mull ways to use the technology in a “responsible and strategic manner.”

“A strategic pause on the use of Generative AI and Large Language Models within the U.S. Space Force has been implemented as we determine the best path forward to integrate these capabilities into Guardians’ roles and the USSF mission,” Air Force spokesperson Tanya Downsworth stated. “This is a temporary measure to protect the data of our service and Guardians.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Frank Kendall as he oversees the U.S. Air Force and Space Force.
  • For wisdom for Space Force officials as they seek to secure sensitive military information.

Sources: Reuters, Bloomberg


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