Senate Committee Agrees Reform Necessary for College Athletics

Signing deals, and physical and emotional care for student-athletes varies widely.

The Senate Judiciary Committee recently agreed that federal action must be taken to solidify best practices for college sports. 

The committee invited a number of college sports experts to a hearing they held last week, requesting input into the current state of the highly profitable sector. Coaches and athletics directors said that the smattering of state laws currently guiding college athletics are conflicting and confusing, causing some student-athletes to be offered seven-figure signing deals while others are offered nothing. Outside of the pay, physical and emotional care for student-athletes varies widely, with some offered state-of-the-art treatments while others are neglected.

Though neither the senators nor the witnesses offered a solution to the issues, all agreed that something must be done. “If this committee does not act within a year, this thing is going to be an absolute mess, and you will destroy college athletics as you know it,” said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.  

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the senators of the judiciary committee as they seek to address the uneven opportunities in college sports.
  • For U.S. legislators to seek God’s wisdom as they address best practices in college athletics.
  • For student-athletes across the nation as they deliberate the options before them.

Sources: The Hill, ESPN


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