Representative Scalise Withdraws and Speaker Search Begins Again 

Legislators are meeting behind closed doors. 

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana pulled out of the contest for Speaker of the House of Representatives after he did not secure enough votes to ensure the position. He said, “There were people who told me they were fine with me three days ago who were moving the goalpost.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio, also a contender, may face the same issue of not being able to secure 217 votes of his own party. 

Other candidates may include Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, House Majority Whip Tom Emmer of Minnesota, and even possibly the recently ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California. 

“Let the conference decide,” Congressman McCarthy said when asked if he’d run again. “I just think the conference as a whole has to figure out their problem, solve it, and select a leader.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For discernment for members of the House majority as they deliberate their options for Speaker.
  • For the candidates to seek God’s direction as they make their bid for the position.
  • For the Lord’s purposes to be accomplished in the proceedings.

Sources: Newsmax, Washington Examiner


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