Senators Urge President to Refreeze Iran Funds

They claim a significant risk of the wrongful use of funds intended for humanitarian purposes.

A group of senators led by Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee have called on President Biden and his administration to refreeze the $6 billion that was recently released to Iran for their use for humanitarian purposes in exchange for the release of five American prisoners. 

In a letter to the president, the senators wrote, “Your administration claims these funds are only available for humanitarian use, but money is fungible, and there is significant risk they could be used to further efforts by Iran or Hamas against Israel.“ 

“Moreover,” they continued,” allowing $6 billion to flow into Iran’s economy, even if the purpose is for humanitarian aid, allows the Iranian regime to allocate even more funds to supporting terrorism.” 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken disputes claims that the Iranian assets may have helped Hamas. “Not a single dollar from that account has actually been spent to date,” he said. 

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy also commented, “Biden’s policy of appeasement, including money for hostage deals, must come to an end. His policy has only emboldened terrorists. And handing over $6 billion to Iran only helps the cause. They should refreeze the money back today.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For discernment for the president and his foreign policy advisors as they consider the senators’ request.
  • For Secretary of State Blinken to be prudent in his assessment of Iran and the funding of terrorism.
  • For members of the Senate as they address concerns regarding the unfrozen assets.

Sources: The Hill, Politico, National Review 


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