House Votes to Remove McCarthy as Speaker 

The passage of the continuing resolution led to the motion to vacate the chair.

Members of the House of Representatives voted Tuesday to remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker on a motion made by Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida to vacate the chair.

Before the vote, in a speech on the House floor, Representative Bob Good of Virginia said, “We need a Speaker who will fight for something, anything other than just becoming or staying Speaker. The polls show the public is blaming [the president and his party] for an imminent shutdown. If not fight now, when would we fight? Now is and was the time.” 

Also ahead of the vote, Representative Gaetz said, “The thing we have in common? Kevin McCarthy said something to all of us at one point or another that he didn’t really mean and never intended to live up to.” 

As the House members seek to determine who the next Speaker of the House will be, Representative Patrick McHenry of North Carolina is serving Speaker pro tempore, or acting Speaker. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the members of the House of Representatives to be discerning as they begin the process of replacing the House Speaker.
  • For wisdom for Congressmen Good and Gaetz as they head the effort to choose a new leader of the lower chamber.
  • For Congressman McHenry as he temporarily fills the role of Speaker of the House.

Sources: The Hill, Daily Caller 


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