President Joined UAW Picket Line Prayer Update

He expressed full support for auto workers. 

President Joe Biden became the first sitting president to join a striking union’s picket lines when he joined with striking members in Detroit on Tuesday. Wearing a union baseball cap and using a bullhorn, he told striking union members, “You deserve the significant raise you need.” He encouraged them to “stick with it” amid negotiations for a shorter work week and higher wages. 

Aboard Air Force One on the way to Michigan, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that the president  “is fighting to ensure that the cars of the future will be built in America by unionized American workers in good-paying jobs, instead of being built in China.” Separately, she said, “He is pro-UAW; he is pro-workers; that is this president. He stands by union workers, and he is going to stand with the men and women of the UAW.” 

Prior to his trip, President Biden said, “I think the UAW gave up an incredible amount back when the automobile industry was going under. They gave everything from their pensions on, and they saved the automobile industry,” and that they should reap the benefit of automakers’ profits “now that the industry is roaring back.” 

Former President Donald Trump has a meeting scheduled on Wednesday with autoworkers in Michigan.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and members of his administration as they support labor unions.
  • For wisdom for U.S. officials as they endeavor to facilitate labor agreements and negotiations.

Sources: Axios, Washington Examiner


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