DOE Using Significantly More AI for Agency Processes in 2023

Report shows AI was applied around 180 times in the last year.

The Department of Energy reported a significant increase in its use of artificial intelligence (AI) throughout the agency in the last year, utilizing the tool four times more often in comparison to last year. The White House Office of Management and Budget began requiring government agencies to publicly disclose their use of AI in 2022, offering transparency about how and when the technology is used.

Though the Energy Department used AI roughly 180 times in the last year, about 130 of those instances occurred within the National Energy Technology Laboratory, which has been testing AI’s ability to aggregate scientific data.

“One of the primary challenges faced in the earlier inventory was a lack of clear guidance on what precisely constitutes a use case and what falls under the domain of research and development,” a spokesperson for the Energy Department said. “In response, the Office of Management and Budget provided enhanced guidance that clarified these ambiguities, enabling a comprehensive capture of relevant AI projects within the agency.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for Director Shalanda Young as she heads the White House Office of Management and Budget.
  • That Secretary Jennifer Granholm would look to God for guidance as she manages the Energy Department.
  • For energy scientists and researchers as they employ AI technology.

Sources: FedScoop, JD Supra


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