Congressman Calls for Commerce to Halt Exports to Huawei

The latest phone made by the Chinese company appears to utilize American technology.

Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, the chair of the House Select Committee on China, has called on the Department of Commerce to end all U.S. exports to Chinese electronics company Huawei and Chinese computer chip company Semiconductor International Manufacturing Corp (SMIC).

Huawei recently released its latest phone, the Mate 60 Pro. Tech analysts began examining the phone’s technological capabilities and realized that the phone’s computer chip, manufactured by SMIC, was a 7-nanometer processor, making it more powerful and functional than any 5G phone currently on the international market.

Representative Gallagher advocated for even more tariffs to be imposed against these companies in light of this development. 

“This chip likely could not be produced without U.S. technology and thus SMIC may have violated the Department of Commerce’s Foreign Direct Product Rule,” Congressman Gallagher alleged. “The time has come to end all U.S. technology exports to both Huawei and SMIC to make clear any firm that flouts U.S. law and undermines our national security will be cut off from our technology.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Congressman Gallagher as he seeks to curb exports to the Chinese company.
  • For U.S. commerce officials to consider the recommendation with prudence.
  • For Secretary Raimondo to seek God’s guidance as she heads the Commerce Department.

Sources: Reuters, CNN


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