CDC Reports on Medical Mistreatment During Pregnancy

Minorities and uninsured or publicly insured receive worse treatment.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report documenting widespread experiences of mistreatment during medical appointments for pregnancy and delivery. This research was done to explore the increase in U.S. maternity deaths between 2018 and 2021.

The CDC compiled reports submitted by 2,400 American mothers, and about 1 in 5 women reported experiences of mistreatment during their pregnancy. The most common forms of mistreatment were verbal abuse from healthcare staff, neglect when explicitly requesting help, and not having physical privacy respected.

Mistreatment rates were higher among mothers of color, with 27 percent of multiracial women and 30 percent of Black women experiencing racial discrimination along with similar verbal abuse, neglect, and lack of bodily autonomy. Those without insurance or publicly insured experienced 28 to 26 percent of the mistreatment, respectively, at the time of delivery.

“Every mother deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Maternal care is a core component of this nation’s health care, and the Biden-Harris Administration is committed to improving maternal health outcomes,” said Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. “Bias, stigma, and mistreatment have no place in our healthcare systems.”

“As a health care community we have to do better in providing unbiased and respectful maternity care equally to all mothers,” said Debra Houry, the CDC’s chief medical officer. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Becerra to seek God’s guidance as he oversees the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • For Chief Medical Officer Houry as she collaborates with CDC officials on the data on the mistreatment of pregnant women.
  • For Director Mandy Cohen as she heads the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sources: The Hill, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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