FAA Seeks to Reduce Airport Near Collisions

$121 million in funding will reconfigure airfields and add lights on taxiways.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced that $121 million is being invested to reduce near collisions at American airports. FAA data shows that there have been 1,495 runway incursions since October 2022. 

“The FAA is serious about ending runway incursions and we are putting substantial resources behind our efforts,” Associate Administrator for Airports, Shannetta Griffin, said. “In some cases, the best way to address safety risks is modifying or reconfiguring existing airfields — these grants directly address those situations.” 

The FAA said the funding will go to projects to “reconfigure taxiways that may cause confusion, install new lighting systems, and provide more flexibility on the airfield.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Associate Administrator Griffin as she collaborates with FAA officials to award funds to improve airplane traffic safety.
  • For Acting Administrator Polly Trottenberg as she oversees the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • For air traffic controllers all over the nation as they deal with personnel shortages.

Sources: The Hill, CNN 


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