Fifth Circuit Temporarily Halts Federal Student Loan Relief

An injunction stops the program while litigation plays out. 

Judges in the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals granted an injunction against the most recent loan relief plan from President Biden’s administration. Several colleges sought the injunction while the case awaits oral arguments at the district court in November. 

The case alleges the Department of Education is unconstitutionally given the power of a court to grant debt relief claims. Arguments also state that the criteria are so broad as to cover even unintentional actions by a college that could interfere with future employment or even the granting of a degree.

A spokesperson for the Education Department said the administration “won’t back down in our efforts to take on predatory colleges, provide relief to borrowers who have been cheated or had their school close, and hold institutions accountable for deceptive practices.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Education Department officials as they prepare to defend the administration’s newest effort at student loan forgiveness.
  • For judges in the district courts as they hear challenges to rules and laws that are implemented.
  • For judges of the appellate courts as they consider stay and injunction requests against laws that are being litigated.

Sources: Washington Times, The Hill


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