Senate Office Buildings Cleared After “Bogus” Shooter Report

Capitol Police call off the investigation after 90 minutes.

Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger reported that active shooter reports on Wednesday were likely “bogus,” giving 200 officers an all-clear after 90 minutes of investigation. 

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department received a call earlier that day reporting that an active shooter was in the Capitol. Police officers immediately mobilized, clearing out the three Senate office buildings close to where the caller claimed to spot a suspicious person. Officers attempted to call the person back who made the report but were unable to reach them and did not locate anyone suspicious in the area.

“I think at this point we can say we’ve found no confirmation of an active shooter and this may have been a bogus call,” Chief Manger said.

The Senate is in summer recess, but many congressional staffers were still on site. They were directed to shelter in place for safety.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Chief Manger as he heads the Capitol Police force.
  • For Senate staffers who were present and sheltering in place during the investigation of the reported shooter.
  • For law enforcement officers at the federal, state, and local levels as they address terrorist threats.

Sources: Reuters, ABC News


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