U.S. Navy Holds UNITAS 2023 Exercises

The naval branch is working to integrate proven unmanned technology into surveillance, range clearance, and target identification.

 The U.S. Navy used air and surface drones during the two-week United International Anti-submarine Warfare Exercise (UNITAS) 2023 naval exercise in Latin America. The 4th Fleet is developing an unmanned operations hub in the region similar to Task Force 59 which has successfully operated in the Middle East.

According to Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro, under the U.S. Southern Command, the unmanned systems will detect potential issues like illegal fishing and trafficking in Central and South America. The exercise took place with cooperation from the Colombian and Peruvian navies.

Commander of the 4th Fleet and commander of U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command, Rear Admiral Jim Aiken said that the UNITAS missions utilized proven systems for operational integration. The exercises were not experimenting with new unmanned or artificial intelligence technology. He stated that exercises of the same nature are expected to be held in the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific Ocean this fall.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Del Toro to be prudent as he oversees U.S. naval readiness.
  • For Rear Admiral Aiken as he commands the 4th Fleet and the naval forces of the Southern Command.
  • For wisdom for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin as unmanned and AI technology is implemented in U.S. military exercises.

Sources: Military Times, DVIDS Hub


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