FCC Proposes Formal Review of Phone Plan Data Caps

Chair Rosenworcel says internet access should not be limited arbitrarily.

Jessica Rosenworcel, the chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), proposed a Notice of Inquiry into the use of internet data caps in cell phone plans on Monday. Some cheaper cell phone service plans impose data caps that only allow users to browse the internet for a certain amount of time, even though companies have the technology to provide unlimited internet access to all their users.

A Notice of Inquiry is a formal way for the FCC to glean public comment on issues that could benefit from further government intervention. Chair Rosenworcel is interested in how this policy impacts both users and stakeholders in an era where internet use is integral in a multitude of societal processes. 

“Internet access is no longer nice-to-have, but need-to-have for everyone, everywhere,” Chair Rosenworcel stated. “When we need access to the internet, we aren’t thinking about how much data it takes to complete a task, we just know it needs to get done. It’s time the FCC take a fresh look at how data caps impact consumers and competition.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Chair Rosenworcel as she oversees the commission and the focus of inquiries.
  • For members of the FCC as they evaluate communications regulations and consumer protection.

Sources: Federal Communications Commission, engadget


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