Issue 598 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

Four new units of the U.S. Space Force will be housed in Colorado, and questions remain as to whether or not the Space Command’s headquarters will continue to be located in Huntsville, Alabama. Some have suggested that the state’s strict abortion laws cause a problem in keeping the Space Force in Alabama. Officials have denied that connection. 

Pray for the military leadership as decisions are made about the locations of military units. 


The Secretary General of NATO said members are in agreement that Ukraine will eventually join the alliance. But, he stated, establishing it as a “sovereign, independent nation” and overcoming the Russian invasion are first priorities. “It is not for Moscow to have a veto against NATO enlargement,” he said. 

Pray for an end to the conflict in Ukraine. 


Recent reports based on leaked documents show Iran training militants in Syria in preparation for new attacks against U.S. troops there, particularly targeting American military vehicles and the American personnel in them. Another leaked document reports Russia, Syria, and Iran working together to get the U.S. out of Syria through a “coordination center” where Russia is directly involved in planning the campaigns against the U.S. 

Pray for the president and U.S. military intelligence officials as they deliberate the appropriate actions to take in the Middle East. 


A study published by the American Journal of Public Health revealed that the U.S. average life expectancy has consistently been falling behind over the past few decades while dozens of “globally diverse” countries are doing better. The current life expectancy is 76.4 years in 2023, down from 77.3 in 2020. 

Pray for U.S. health and medical officials and their approach to the numerous health issues of Americans that are lowering life expectancies. 


A bipartisan bill introduced in the Senate would strengthen cybersecurity collaboration between the United States and the countries who have entered into Abraham Accords agreements with Israel. Efforts under the bill would strengthen collaborative cybersecurity defenses against threats from Iran and others in the region. 

Pray for U.S. legislators as they seek cooperative efforts in the Middle East to stand strong against Iranian aggression. 


A new report from the Federal Reserve said, “Expectations for future growth deteriorated a little, although contacts still largely exceeded a further expansion in activity.” This means economic activity has changed in a more downward direction in recent weeks, and as prices continue to increase, the outlook has worsened. 

Pray for U.S. financial officials and economists as they evaluate the nation’s inflation and that the economy does not go into a recession. 

Pray for Goodness in America

Federal courts ruled that the mandate in California that attempted to force churches to provide abortion health care coverage for their employees violated the First Amendment. Now, officials in California have agreed to pay out $1.4 million to four churches who had sued, which will cover attorneys’ fees. 

Pray for judges as they rule in cases that address the overreach of federal and state governments. 

Pray for Needs Across the States

Governor Spencer Cox of Utah eliminated any mention of LGBTQ+ from his declaration of Pride Month 2023 and did not include any calls for greater inclusion or acceptance. Rather, he said, “As a State, we want a culture of hope, understanding, love, dignity, and respect. Happy Pride Month to all who celebrate!” 

Legislators in the California Assembly and Senate debated more than a dozen bills that would address the fentanyl crisis. Some included establishing more enforcement against fentanyl dealers with the imposition of prison sentences. 

Pray for state governors, legislators, and agency directors as they deal with the matters that impact their states. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

“What is stated in Scripture [is] that there will be a day that there will be a coalition of nations that will be so upset at Israel. Now, it doesn’t specify why, but the coalition begins with the leader of that — the first one on a list mentioned … is Persia, i.e. Iran, and it describes a coalition of nations empowered by some country or empire from the north. … Evangelical scholars look at this [and] they go, ‘Oh my goodness. We’re living in the end times. Now, you have China and Russia. The kings of the east are, geographically, any nation, including, for example, Afghanistan, any country east of the Euphrates … you have the kings of east moving today.“ – Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, Founder, Israel Today Ministries, June 2023

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