Navy Audit Exposes Challenges in Suicide Prevention Program

Gaps exist in required training as well as command information.

The U.S. Navy conducted an internal audit which found that the implementation of its suicide prevention program has experienced issues. The audit, which was completed in January, revealed that certain commands were unable to confirm that all sailors had completed the required annual suicide prevention training. Roughly 60 percent of the 238 suicide attempts by naval personnel in the 2021 calendar year were reportedly missing command information—hindering the service’s ability to analyze data and determine potential trends.

The audit highlighted concerns about the Navy’s capacity to effectively monitor data and take necessary measures to prevent crisis in dealing with suicide-related behaviors (SRBs). Some commands were found to have no crisis response plans in place.

“Without a process for tracing the full details of all SRBs, the Navy cannot provide enterprise-wide SRB surveillance to proactively mobilize resources to prevent a crisis,” the audit states. “In addition, the Navy is unable to analyze SRBs as required.”

In addition to other measures, the U.S. Navy is deploying more chaplains for suicide prevention.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Del Toro to seek God’s guidance as he leads U.S. Navy efforts to prevent suicide.
  • For Secretary Austin and military commanders as supports for mental health are made available to service members.

Sources: AP, Military Times


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