U.S. Army Updates Networking Gear

The branch is revising how it creates and uses networking in the future.

U.S. Army generals said the branch will upgrade networking gear to meet “the service’s 2030 and 2040 goals.” With preparations for possible extensive conflict against China in the Indo-Pacific or against Russia in Europe, attention has shifted from brigades to ensuring stable digital connectivity and complexity along with technical relevancy.

“What we’re going to move to is the ‘division as a unit of action network design,‘” Major General Anthony Potts said of the transition away from capability sets, consignment of equipment known as the integrated tactical network, which is tailored to infantry and armor alike. “It is now about how do you architect the network for the division as a unit of action. And we realized we had to think differently about it.”

The capability set was launched in fiscal 2021, with updates planned every two years. The new method should be in place and utilized by soldiers as quickly as 2024, “with faster turnarounds and tighter groups of improvements promised.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Austin as he heads the Department of Defense.
  • For Secretary Wormuth as she leads the U.S. Army.
  • For General Potts as oversees the command, control, and communications-tactical office.

Sources: Defense News, ArmyTimes


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