Thursday, May 4

President Joe Biden issued a proclamation on the National Day of Prayer, stating, “On this National Day of Prayer, we recognize the profound power of prayer, grounded in deep humility and hope.“

The president also said, “In periods of peace and prosperity and in times of struggle and strife, countless Americans turn to prayer to seek guidance, bolster our faith, and brace our spirits when we need it most.  Prayer is both a personal and communal act — composed of our most intimate thoughts and a practice observed by multitudes across our diverse Nation in every language, culture, religion, and belief system.“

He added, “The right to pray is enshrined in our Constitution and stamped firmly in the American tradition. … We will never fully know how prayer has quietly influenced every aspect of American life — bringing comfort to service members on the battlefield, grounding the spirits of astronauts in space, guiding the healing hands of medical professionals tending to our loved ones, and fortifying the faiths of millions of worshippers in every corner of our Nation.“

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • That the president would seek the Lord and His will for the United States.
  • For the millions of believers who are corporately lifting up this nation and its leaders today.
  • For God to work His will and purposes in and through this country.
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