China Building EV Battery Plant in Michigan 

U.S. congressman expresses concerns as protests occur.

The state of Michigan’s appropriations panel recently passed an incentive for Gotion, Inc. to build an electric vehicle battery plant in Michigan. Gotion is a publicly-owned Chinese company, and is eligible for nearly $1.1 billion in state incentives, drawing protests from residents and local officials of Big Rapids in Green Charter Township in Northern Michigan. 

One local politician said, “How many abuses have we seen over the years from China? And to think that they will set up a battery factory in our state and they will just play by the rules? That makes no sense whatsoever.” 

U.S. Representative for Michigan, John Moolenaar said, “Xi Jinping has put himself in charge of the military civil fusion that basically says that anything business-related in China has military implications, and they reserve the right to extract that information. So, it really puts all these partnerships into question.” 

The $175 million approved by the state is expected to help create more than 2,300 jobs in rural Michigan.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Congressman Moolenaar as he raises concerns about the Chinese-owned plant to be built in his district.
  • For Michigan state officials as they authorize the EV battery factory.

Sources: Reuters, Just The News


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