Congress Notified of Planned Weapons Sale to Turkish Air Force

The sale of F-16 aircraft worth requires Congressional approval.

President Biden’s administration sent a proposed weapons sale to Congress this week, requesting congressional approval for a multi-billion dollar contract selling F-16 upgrades to the Turkish military. 

Congress does not tend to approve large weapons sales to Turkey; a separate weapons contract for Turkey worth $20 billion has been stalled in Congress for two years. But if this contract is approved, it will be the first major military sale to Turkey formally approved in many years.

“Türkiye is a longstanding and valued NATO ally,” a State Department spokesperson stated. “The Biden Administration supports Türkiye’s efforts to bring the avionics of its F-16 fleet up to standard.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of Congress as they negotiate budget and debt ceiling legislation.
  • For Speaker McCarthy and Majority Leader Schumer as they consider the administration’s request to sell the military aircraft.
  • For Secretary Blinken and State Department officials as they assess the impact of selling U.S. military equipment.

Sources: Reuters, Wall Street Journal


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