U.S. Indo-Pacific Commander Testifies Before Congress

He says the U.S. should be prepared for the Chinese invasion of Taiwan. 

The House Armed Services Committee heard from the U.S. Indo-Pacific Commander Admiral John Aquilino this week, who stated that China’s president Xi is “hardening” every part of his military. 

When asked if an invasion of Taiwan by China was more probable now than in past years, he said “the trends are moving in the wrong direction. There’s no doubt about that. The United States military is ready today for any contingency.” He added, “The PRC has taken a whole of government approach” to preparing for combat. 

“For me it doesn’t matter what the timeline is. The secretary [of defense] has given me this mission today, so I’m responsible to prevent this conflict today, and if deterrence were to fail, to be able to fight and win,” Commander Aquilino said.

For the United States to have an effective deterrence, “the entire whole of government approach, in the same way, would be good,” Admiral Aquilino said, adding, “We just need to compete across the entire spectrum understanding that our security challenger will.” 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Admiral Aquilino as he commands the U.S. military in the Indo-Pacific.
  • For U.S. military officials as they seek to prevent the invasion of Taiwan by China.
  • For wisdom for the president and his military advisers.

Sources: Daily Caller, Global Times 


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