Pentagon Investigates Confidential Document Leak

Top Secret documents about Ukraine’s military were released online.

Pentagon spokesperson Chris Meagher recently spoke about the investigation into leaked documents carrying sensitive information about Ukrainian defense weaknesses. The documents, labeled “Secret” and “Top Secret”, were leaked on social media in March, and also contained sensitive military information about other U.S. allies, such as Israel, South Korea, and Turkey. 

Spokesman Meagher said that the investigation into this leak is ongoing, but the Pentagon is reviewing how it shares sensitive information in light of the leak. “There have been steps to take a closer look at how this type of information is distributed and to whom,” Mr. Meagher said. Investigators are also working to determine who could have had the ability or motivation to take this action in the first place.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Defense Department officials as they investigate the leak and the motivation behind it.
  • For Defense Secretary Austin to seek God’s guidance as he heads the department.
  • For the president and his military advisers as they respond to the breach in security.

Sources: Reuters, Department of Defense


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