Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, North Texas U.S. District Court

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk

North Texas U.S. District Court

Matthew  Joseph Kacsmaryk was born in 1977 in Gainesville, Florida. He earned an undergraduate degree from Abilene Christian University and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Texas School of Law. He spent ten years in the private practice of law. He spent five years as deputy general counsel to First Liberty Institute. 

He was nominated by President Donald Trump to be a judge on the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. His nomination expired before it was acted on, and he was again named by President Trump to the federal judgeship. Although his nomination was reported out of committee, the Senate did not take it up, and the president once again nominated Kacsmaryk to that district court. He was ultimately confirmed by the Senate and received his judicial commission in June 2019.

He is married to Shelly, and they have five children. 

In the News…

In a 67-page opinion, federal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk struck down an approval by the FDA of an abortion-pill cocktail saying it was time to tell the truth about “unborn humans.” 

Of the drugs, he said, “Mifepristone — also known as RU-486 or Mifeprex — is a synthetic steroid that blocks the hormone progesterone, halts nutrition, and ultimately starves the unborn human until death.” But “because mifepristone alone will not always complete the abortion,” the court continued, “the FDA mandates a two-step drug regimen: mifepristone to kill the unborn human, followed by misoprostol to induce cramping and contractions to expel the unborn human from the mother’s womb.” 

“The mother seeing the aborted human ‘appears to be a difficult aspect of the medical termination process which can be distressing, bring home the reality of the event and may influence later emotional adaptation,’” the court wrote, based on the record evidence. “For example, one woman was surprised and saddened to see that her aborted baby ‘had a head, hands, and legs’ with ‘defined fingers and toes.’”  

He pointed out that there was a history at the FDA of declaring the self-administered abortion pills unsafe. “Whether FDA abandoned its proposed restrictions because of political pressure or not,” the court wrote, “one thing is clear: the lack of restrictions resulted in many deaths and many more severe or threatening adverse reactions.” But “due to FDA’s lax reporting requirements, the exact number is not ascertainable,” Judge Kacsmaryk stated.  

The case is expected to be appealed and may find its way to the Supreme Court. 

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