Investigation of Justice Thomas Sought by Some in Congress

Eight senators have been joined by eight representatives in their request. 

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has been asked by a group of 16 members of Congress to investigate Associate Justice Clarence Thomas over his acceptance of luxury trips from a friend and major partisan donor. 

They sent a letter to the Chief Justice on Friday urging him to begin an “investigation into any ethical and potentially unlawful” conduct that Justice Thomas may have committed. “We believe that it is your duty as Chief Justice ‘to safeguard public faith in the judiciary,’ and that fulfilling that duty requires swift, thorough, independent and transparent investigation into these allegations,” the letter stated. 

Justice Thomas said he had been advised that disclosure of luxury gifts was not necessary. “Early in my tenure at the Court, I sought guidance from my colleagues and others in the judiciary and was advised that this sort of personal hospitality from close personal friends, who did not have business before the Court, was not reportable,” he said. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Chief Justice Roberts to seek God’s wisdom as he considers the request from the congressional members.
  • For Justice Thomas as his acceptance of gifts is scrutinized by the senators and representatives.
  • For the Lord’s purpose to prevail in the situation.

Sources: The Hill, Pro Publica, NPR 


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