Late-Winter Storms Hit the East and West

Severe storms cause power outages and flooding.

Parts of California are bracing for more flooding from a powerful “atmospheric river” storm while in the Northeast, a powerful nor’easter is threatening power outages to 22 million people. 

Heavy rain began falling in California Tuesday. The ground is still saturated from storms and flooding last week, as the “significant” atmospheric river will drench low areas and bring more snow to higher elevations. In addition, high winds could down utility lines and trees. Evacuation notices have been issued for parts of the Central Coast. Winds were gusting 50-70 mph in the San Francisco Bay area. 

A major late-winter storm has already deposited more than two feet of snow in portions of Massachusetts and Vermont. Other areas are experiencing heavy rain. The severe weather is causing widespread power outages and disruptions. Coastal flooding has also been forecast. 

In both the East and West, the storms have been characterized as “dangerous” and people should stay tuned to local weather services for updates. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For U.S. weather officials as they forecast and issue advisories for severe weather.
  • For state and local leaders as they warn residents of the storms.
  • For first responders as they work to help or rescue people caught in dangerous conditions.

Sources: The Tribune, New York Times, NBC News 


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