FCC Nominee Sohn Testifies in Third Hearing

Appointee was renominated after stalling in the last Congress.

Gigi Sohn was questioned by the Senate Commerce Committee this past week during her third hearing as President Joe Biden’s nominee for the fifth commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). President Biden originally nominated Sohn in October 2021, but her nomination stalled in the previous Congress.

The FCC oversees the regulation of radio, television, and broadcasting in the United States, and is led by a group of five commissioners. It is required by law that the commission contain at least two members of each party, which makes the fifth seat a strong position in the agency.

During this hearing, chair of the Senate Commerce Committee Maria Cantwell questioned Sohn’s perspective on low-cost internet service, while the committee’s ranking member claimed Sohn was very partisan.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For senators to be wise in choosing their position on the nominee.
  • For the members of the FCC as they consider regulations for U.S. broadcasting.

Sources: Reuters


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