President Biden Sees Raising Debt Limit as Non-Negotiable

House speaker would like cuts to federal spending.

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese recently relayed President Biden’s sentiments regarding lifting the nation’s debt ceiling. He stated, “It’s not a negotiable item.  It’s Congress’s constitutional obligation.“ 

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has been advocating for President Biden’s administration to cut spending instead of simply raising the debt ceiling again.

Advisor Deese stated the president is eager “to have a real serious conversation about the fiscal and economic priorities of the country and where we can find common ground on things like lowering costs for families, on things like how do we keep investing in the country and creating more manufacturing jobs, and do that in a way that reduces the deficit.“

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of the National Economic Council as they advise the president.
  • For President Biden to seek God’s direction regarding the nation’s financial status.
  • For Speaker McCarthy to be led by the Lord as he seeks to reduce federal spending.

Sources: Reuters, GovExec


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