Secretary Yellen Announces U.S.-South Africa Wildlife Trafficking Task Force

The Treasury Department will work with South Africa to identify financial red flags between the two countries.

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen met with South African officials last week, where she announced a collaboration between the U.S. and South Africa to prevent wildlife trafficking through financial monitoring. The Treasury Department will monitor financial “red flags” and signs of money laundering and relay any important findings to South African agencies. Criminal organizations regularly come to South Africa to traffick abalone, rhino horns, and elephant ivory, and are paid to do so in notably dubious ways.

“To protect wildlife populations from further poaching and disrupt the associated illicit trade, we must ‘follow the money’ in the same way we do with other serious crimes,” said Secretary Yellen. “This includes identifying and seizing the proceeds generated from the illegal wildlife trade and impeding the money laundering and cross-border transactions of the transnational criminal organizations often involved in—and who benefit from—corruption.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Yellen as she directs the Treasury in this partnering effort with South Africa.
  • For the members of the task force as they seek to protect local wildlife and fight criminal trafficking.

Sources: Department of the Treasury


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