January 21st – Saturday

Not by the way of eye-service, as people-pleasers, but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart. – Ephesians 6:6

The very first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus SN 571, was launched in Groton, Connecticut, by First Lady Mamie Eisenhower on this day in 1954. Congress had authorized the submarine in 1951 and the Nautilus was the sixth Navy ship to be given that name, honoring both the WWII submarine and the submarine in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. After voyaging roughly 500,000 miles, the Nautilus made its final voyage in 1979, traveling from Connecticut to California, before being decommissioned in 1980. The sub was fashioned as a National Historic Landmark in 1982. It later underwent historic ship conversion at Mare Island Naval Shipyard and was towed back to Connecticut in 1985, where it is currently exhibited at the Submarine Force Museum. As you consider this history today, allow God to guide you into the path He has for you.

As the Lord leads, pray with us…

  • For members of the legislative branch, its committees and subcommittees, to be understanding as they introduce, review, and approve bills.
  • For those serving on the House and Senate Armed Forces committees as they consider the needs and resources of the U.S. military.

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