Issue 577 – National Prayer Needs

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

The Pentagon has announced a new policy that gives military service members 12 weeks of paid parental leave, doubling the previous amount available to parents and removing distinctions that existed between primary and secondary caregivers. The policy is for service members who have been on active or reserve duty service for at least a year. 

The Defense Department has begun an effort to remove all names and items associated with the Confederacy from military installations in “full implementation” of a national commission’s recommendations issued in October. 

Pray for the leaders in the Pentagon who establish policies or make policy changes. 


Some tourists have been trapped by violence from the cartels in Mexico. Both U.S. and Canadian governments have issued warnings against travel there as a result. Sinaloa cartel members opened fire on an Aero Mexico aircraft, and reports of gunfire and roads being blocked have been reported in Culiacan, Mazatlán, Los Mochis, and Guasave. 

The Belgian Royal Higher Institute for Defense warned in a December 26 report, “There is a growing politicization and militarization of China’s civilian maritime sector.” All ships bearing the Chinese flag are reportedly to be constructed to military specifications, and capable of transporting PLA troops and tanks. They said that the militarization of civilian vessels by China, as well as its takeover of ports around the globe together with dominance in world shipping, would make it possible for China to choke off international commerce in the event of a war. 

Pray for discernment for U.S. and allied officials as they address China’s ongoing efforts to secure a dominant position. 


The Food and Drug Administration is expanding access to a drug that induces abortion. The drug will be more widely available at local pharmacies, which may go through a certification process for approval to dispense the pills.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved an Alzheimer’s drug sold under the brand Lequembi for patients in the earliest stages of the disease. The drug is intended to slow the advance of the neurodegenerative disease by removing sticky clumps of the toxic protein amyloid from the brain. 

Pray for the bureaucrats and scientists with the Food and Drug Administration as they make decisions on the availability of certain medications. 


The Iranian military targeted a mock version of an Israeli Navy base in an exercise that launched an explosive-laden drone from a landing ship as well as missiles from a land base. 

Israeli police arrested two teenagers alleged to have vandalized and desecrated over two dozen Christian graves in a cemetery in historic Jerusalem. The teens, age 18 and 14, are residents of central Israel. 

Pray for Israeli officials as they seek to protect their citizens from hatred and violence from within and without. 


Recent survey data showed that manufacturing activity in the U.S. was down for a second month in December. The trend continues at its lowest levels since the pandemic began, with new orders and production diminishing, due, in part, to inflation as well as an overall slowing of global activity. 

Adobe reports that, during the recent holiday season, Americans spent $211.7 billion in online purchases, a record for e-commerce. The highest activity occurred on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. The prior record was $205 billion in the 2021 season. 

Pray for American families who have taken on new debt over the holiday season as they attempt to repay their obligations in the midst of inflation. 

Pray for Justice in AMERICA

A federal judge ruled that a New York law likely discriminates against religious citizens in violation of the First Amendment. The judge determined that a ban on concealed-carry weapons in “sensitive locations,” that include houses of worship, “targeted religious groups and made them uniquely defenseless.” 

Pray for the men and women who provide often unseen security at American houses of worship. 

Pray for Goodness in AMERICA

When football fans and the public learned of the critical injury to Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin during a game, they soon learned of his plans to raise $2,500 online to buy toys for needy children. Within 24 hours, and while the pro player was hospitalized with a respirator, and his recovery uncertain, close to $5.5 million was donated, and the amount has continued to climb. Hamlin, for whom prayers were raised across many sectors, has made steady progress and was discharged from the hospital this week. 

Pray for people across America, including among the sports media, to recognize the power of God as the Restorer of Life. 

Pray for America’s Media

Social media and faith leaders are praising an ESPN analyst for his on-air prayer for the Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin after the football player went into cardiac arrest during a televised football game. “Maybe this is not the right thing to do,” sports analyst Dan Orlovsky said referencing ESPN policies. “It’s just on my heart that I want to pray for Damar Hamlin right now. I’m going to do it out loud; I’m going to close my eyes; I’m going to bow my  head; and I’m just going to pray for him.” And he did. 

Pray for members of the media who have had the courage to buck policies or regulations in order to pray or otherwise acknowledge God Almighty. 

Pray for America’s Education

The Attorney General in Virginia is launching an investigation against a high school for a potential civil rights violation after reports that the school withheld National Merit certificates from students for racial equity purposes. The Attorney General said, “No student should be treated differently because of their race. Students at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology are amongst the brightest in the nation, yet some have been punished in the name of ‘equity.’ Racism and race-based government decision-making in any form is wrong and unlawful under Virginia’s Human Rights Act.” 

The Department of Education in Oregon issued an advisory document that tells educators and school staff to “withhold” from parents information about the “gender identity” of a student if the student does not want the parents to know about it. 

Pray for school administrators and teachers regarding policies being used that separate parents from children and sow distrust between them. 

Pray for America’s Technology

Google Home speakers have a loophole in the security system that allowed hackers access to private conversations through a “back door.” A security researcher was recently awarded a settlement by Google after he discovered the issue while experimenting with his home unit. 

Computer maker Dell Technologies says it will phase out using chips made in China by 2024. They will also exclude chips that may be made by Chinese-owned facilities outside of the country. 

Pray for hardware and software engineers to have public privacy among their strongest security issues in the development of new technologies. 

Pray for Needs Across the States

The State Treasurer of Kentucky has issued a warning to financial institutions not to boycott fossil fuel companies. “When companies boycott fossil fuels, they intentionally choke off the lifeblood of capital to Kentucky’s signature industries,” she said, adding, “Kentucky must not allow our signature industries to be irreparably damaged based upon the ideological whims of a select few.” 

Five Arizona tribes have secured long-sought water rights as a result of bills passed by the last Congress. Included in the legislation is funding to develop water infrastructure and improved canal systems which will help to conserve Colorado River water. 

Pray for state leaders as they deal with their natural resources. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

Jesus, I love you. – Final words of Pope Emeritus Benedict, December 31, 2022 

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