House Legislators Agree to Select Committee on China

The new committee was created with overwhelming bipartisan support.

The House of Representatives has approved the creation of a new select committee that will investigate and counter threats from the Chinese Communist Party.

Prior to the vote, Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California told the House floor, “One of the greatest worries about the future is that we fall behind Communist China. The fact of the matter is, the danger posed by our dependence on China is dire. We spent decades passing policies that welcomed China into the global system. In turn, China has exported oppression, aggression, and anti-Americanism. 

The House speaker continued, “Today, the power of its military and economy are growing at the expense of freedom and democracy worldwide. It didn’t start under this administration, but the current administration has clearly made it worse. Their policies [have] weakened our economy and made us more vulnerable to the threats of the CCP. But here’s the good news. There is bipartisan consensus that the era of trusting Communist China is over.” 

Following the vote, Representative Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, who will be the committee’s chairman, said, “It is time to push back against the Chinese Communist Party’s aggression in bipartisan fashion, and today’s overwhelming bipartisan vote to create the Select Committee on the CCP is an important first step in that direction.”  

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Speaker McCarthy as he oversees the business of the House of Representatives.
  • For Congressman Gallagher as he assumes the chairmanship of the new select committee.
  • For wisdom for members of the House as they discuss and debate solutions to the issues facing the U.S.

Sources: Daily Signal, Washington Examiner


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