Baby Formula Tariffs to be Reintroduced in 2023

Exemptions made to address shortage are set to expire.

Tariffs on imported baby formula are likely to be reimposed in the new year. The United States experienced a baby formula shortage for most of 2022 after Abbott Laboratories, the biggest supplier of baby formula in the U.S., had multiple closures. Supplies of formula have reached roughly 85 percent of their pre-shortage levels, though some retailers have kept purchase restrictions in place on the product.

The federal government suspended tariffs on imported baby formula to support the domestic supply of baby formula while Abbott Laboratories worked with the Food and Drug Administration to get their manufacturing facility up to code. However, the suspension of the tariffs was designed to be temporary to ensure quick passage through Congress. Unless the suspensions are renewed, they are set to expire in early 2023.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of Congress to be prudent in their actions regarding supply chains and shortages.
  • For FDA officials as they assess food manufacturers and ensure the safety of the food supply.
  • For parents and guardians of infants as they have endured the formula shortages this past year.

Sources: AP, Reuters


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