Thanksgiving Dinner Costs 20 Percent More in 2022

American Farm Bureau tallies the rise in price due to inflation.

The traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings will cost 20 percent more this year than a year ago. According to the American Farm Bureau’s annual Thanksgiving dinner survey, the average cost of this year’s meal for ten is $65.06. It is the most expensive dinner in 37 years of their survey.

“General inflation slashing the purchasing power of consumers is a significant factor contributing to the increase in average cost of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner,” said Roger Cryan, the bureau’s chief economist. “General inflation has been running 7% to 9% in recent months, while the most recent Consumer Price Index report for food consumed at home reveals a 12% increase over the past year.”

Additionally, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has warned of a possible shortage of 20-pound or larger turkeys in some regions due to bird flu. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Vilsack to seek the Lord’s wisdom as he heads the USDA.
  • For the president and his economic advisors as they address inflation.
  • For Americans who are struggling to make ends meet this holiday season.

Sources: Axios, CNN


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