DOE Seeks Public Input for Rural Cybersecurity

$250 million dedicated to creating reliable rural power.

The Department of Energy recently issued a request for information, seeking public input on how best to utilize $250 million for cybersecurity in rural communities. Nearly one in six Americans live in rural communities and many face technological difficulties due to their remote locations and lack of funding. The department is looking for feedback to guide the new program created to distribute these funds, the Rural and Municipal Utility Advanced Cybersecurity Grant and Technical Assistance Program.

“Rural and municipal utilities provide power for a large portion of low- and moderate-income families across the nation and play a critical role in ensuring the economic security of our nation’s energy supply,” said Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm. “This new program reflects the Biden Administration’s commitment to improving energy reliability and connecting our nation’s rural communities to resilient energy infrastructure and the transformative benefits that come with it.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Granholm to seek God’s guidance as she oversees the investment in rural cybersecurity.
  • For energy officials to be discerning in their strategies regarding the cyber expansion in rural communities.

Sources: Department of Energy


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