Supreme Court Hears First Cases of the New Term

Cases to be heard include voting rights and college admissions policies base on race.

The Supreme Court’s new term began on Monday when Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson heard arguments for the first time as part of America’s highest judicial body. Justice Jackson had prepared for the coming term with her colleagues since her official swearing-in in June, voting on emergency cases prior to the new term.

This particular Supreme Court term will be full of high-profile cases, covering everything from voting rights to race-conscious college admissions policies. The Court is hearing oral arguments in the courtroom, which is open to the public and the press. However, the Supreme Court building itself is not currently open to the public.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For wisdom for the justices as they hear oral arguments on the first cases of their term.
  • For Justice Jackson to seek God’s direction in fulfilling her role on the court.
  • For Chief Justice Roberts to be discerning as he presides over the proceedings.

Sources: Supreme Court, Reuters


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