DOD Implements Recommendations to Prevent Sexual Assault

Department official speaks before House Armed Services Committee.

Defense Department Undersecretary Gilbert Cisneros recently spoke before the House Armed Services Committee, where he was asked how the Defense Department plans to implement recommendations to stop sexual assault and harassment in the military. Undersecretary Cisneros shared a number of action steps the department is currently putting into practice, including the development of a professional sexual assault and sexual harassment workforce for their prevention and response training.

“The level of oversight is a significant departure from previous reforms efforts in this area, and not only are we making progress, we’re building the infrastructure needed to make real, lasting change and rebuild trust with our service members,” the defense undersecretary said. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Undersecretary Cisneros as he supports the implementation of recommendations to prevent sexual assault.
  • For military leaders as they work to eliminate inappropriate and harassing behavior in their ranks.
  • For Secretary Austin to seek the Lord for guidance in heading the Department of Defense.

Sources: Department of Defense


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