Funding Offered for Nuclear Waste Management Education

DOE provides $16 million to discuss “consensual solutions” with communities.

The Department of Energy announced this past week that they will offer $16 million to fund up to eight entities or communities interested in learning about nuclear waste storage. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, passed in 2021, instated numerous tax breaks and incentives for nuclear power and nuclear plants, which create energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions. But the toxic, radioactive nuclear waste that does result from running the plants requires long-term storage, a responsibility that many communities are reluctant to take on.

“With this funding, we are facilitating constructive, community-based discussions around the consensual solutions for storing spent nuclear fuel in order to harness the true power of clean nuclear energy,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm stated.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Secretary Granholm to seek the Lord’s guidance as she oversees the allocation of funds to develop nuclear waste solutions.
  • For energy officials as they implement various aspects of the infrastructure legislation.
  • For the recipients of the funding to discover safe and innovative ways to handle nuclear waste.

Sources: AP, Reuters


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