Energy Secretary Says Billions Needed for Power Grid Upgrade

She states electric vehicles need grid support. 

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm says billions of dollars in upgrades are needed to the American power grid to prepare for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. 

President Biden’s administration and Congress have made federal support of electric vehicles a centerpiece of the $740 billion Inflation Reduction Act with the continuation of a $7,500 tax credit on the purchase of EVs and a $4,000 credit for used EV purchases. 

“The power grid will definitely be upgraded, and part of this bill, as well as the bipartisan infrastructure law, is billions of dollars to make sure that we upgrade, add capacity and add resiliency to the grid,” Secretary Granholm said. 

Her department plans to put out guidance related to the renewable energy tax credits and other areas of the legislation so that the American public understands how to avail themselves of the benefits this year and next. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and Congress to have a balanced approach toward the promotion of electric vehicles.
  • For discernment for Secretary Granholm as she seeks to implement energy aspects of the new legislation.
  • For officials within the Energy Department as they support renewable sources of power.

Sources: JustTheNews, Department of Energy


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