Eric Swalwell, U.S. Representative for California

Eric Swalwell

U.S. Representative for California

Eric Michael Swalwell, Jr., was born in November 1980 in Sac City, Iowa. His family moved from Iowa to Dublin, California. He attended Campbell University in North Carolina on a soccer scholarship, but after sustaining an injury, he transferred to the University of Maryland, College Park, where he earned an undergraduate degree in government and politics. He earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Maryland School of Law. He served as an intern for a U.S. congressional representative. 

After law school, he worked as a deputy district attorney for Alameda County, California. He was a member of the Dublin Heritage & Cultural Arts Commission and the Dublin Planning Commission before winning election to the Dublin City Council.

Swalwell was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012.

Divorced from his first wife, Swalwell is now married to Brittany Watts, and they have three children. He is a Protestant.

In the News…

Representative Eric Swalwell of California claimed that outrage over the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Monday raid in Mar-a-Lago led to a standoff with a gunman who allegedly tried to break into an FBI office in Ohio. A man armed with a rifle reportedly tried to break into an FBI facility in Cincinnati but fled when confronted by law enforcement officers, who later killed him after a standoff. 

Representative Swalwell stated that the responses of prominent politicians to the FBI’s search of former President Trump’s home were “lies“ that resulted in “threats against law enforcement.“ He pointed to what the individual “posted online before he took up arms against the FBI.”  

Congressman Swalwell is a proponent of gun control. “Calling me and threatening to kill my family, and often times I get these calls around my position on gun safety legislation, you have proven to me and the world why we need to be more scrutinizing about who can purchase firearms,” Representative Swalwell said. 

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Did you pray for Representative Swalwell today?  You can let him know at:

The Honorable Eric Swalwell
U.S. Representative for California
174 Cannon House Office Building
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