August 17 – Our Economy: Inflation and Reliance upon God

Consider Your Priorities

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Inflation… you are experiencing it along with the rest of America. Being a follower of Christ Jesus doesn’t mean you are exempted from higher costs at the gas pump or the supermarket.   

Biblical values concerning money encourage industriousness, savings, thrift, caring for the vulnerable, and supporting the Lord’s work. Some say that, at its base, inflation encourages covetous consumption, destroying the virtue of saving, encouraging greed and the accumulation of possessions. Others have even suggested that if prices are never going to be lower than they are today, then it is wiser to spend now and even borrow to spend, than to save, for inflation will allow one to pay back in cheaper dollars.   

Proverbs 15:27 states, “Whoever is greedy for unjust gain troubles his own household.” Jesus Himself said, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions” (Luke 12:15). 

If nothing else, today’s inflationary pressures force one to evaluate priorities.   Building a strong family honors God. Working hard to provide the best care and support for yourself and your family is a direct response to the Word of God.  Being charitable, including caring for the most vulnerable, is a mandate from the Lord. Striving to be a good citizen is respectable. But all of these things pale if God is not the center and priority in your life. 

With God as your priority, you live in faith daily, honoring Him with all that you are and all that you have. You have confidence in His promises to you that He will care for you. You may not have all you want but your needs will be met… and often in miraculous and unexpected ways. 

When the people of Israel returned from captivity, they found Jerusalem in total ruin. They began to lay the foundation of the new Temple. However, their neighbors, fearing the political and religious implications of a new temple, did everything they could to oppose its construction. It did not take long for the people to turn their focus to rebuilding their homes, planting crops, and establishing economic stability for themselves, while ignoring the Lord’s priority for them. God sent Haggai the prophet to warn them. Twice in the first few verses of Haggai 1, the Lord says, “Consider your ways.”  

The people had sown much, and harvested little; they ate, but never had enough; drank but never had their fill. They clothed themselves, but no one was warm. And the one who earned wages placed them in a bag with holes. It was not until they did what the Lord had asked of them in the first place, that they were blessed. 

Perhaps, in your church, you have sung “The Revelation Song” based on words from Chapter 5 of the Book of Revelation. “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing” (verse 12). This song, written by Jamie Lee Riddle, was released in 2009 by the Christian group Phillips, Craig, and Dean.   

Randy Phillips, a member of the group, explained why they recorded the song. “This song encapsulates the moment of looking up into Heaven, pushing back the curtain of certainty so we can peek in. If you keep your eyes on the Dow Jones or nuclear weapons in North Korea, you’ll always be nervous. Look to the awesomeness of God instead.” Their priorities were certain. 

Don’t wait until you pass through Heaven’s gates before you engage in singing this song of Revelation. Your Lord is worthy NOW… worthy of your praise, and worthy of your best in everything. 

Remember that He knows your heart. Your response to inflation, like any other hardship that may befall you or the nation, is to always keep your priorities straight: Put the Lord first in everything, and you will be blessed. 

How then should we pray? 

  • That the Lord would lead you in an honest examination of your priorities.
  • With a grateful heart for His provision and with repentance if you have placed things of this world ahead of your relationship with Him. 
  • For guidance from the Holy Spirit to conduct yourself in this life to bring glory and honor to the Lord. 
  • With joy that you know the awesome God who is worthy, express your desire to Him as your priority, and praise Him!

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