Unused COVID Funds Could Help Disaster Relief

Senator Rand Paul says he will introduce a bill to allow it. 

In the wake of the devastating flooding that has swept through Eastern Kentucky, Senator Rand Paul of that state is urging that money dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic that has not been used be permitted to help his home state and other disaster sites. 

Senator Paul stated he was sending a letter to President Biden and Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, calling on them to allow the COVID-19 money to be used for rebuilding. He said he would be introducing a bill in Congress that would let states, cities, and counties use pandemic money for disaster responses. 

At least 37 people were reported killed in the recent flooding in the Bluegrass State, and first responders report they have rescued some 1,300 people amid the debris of washed-away towns. Governor Beshear said two people were still missing. Hundreds more have been displaced by the flooding, with many now staying in Kentucky state parks, travel trailers, and Red Cross emergency shelters. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Senator Paul as he seeks to aid his and other states experiencing emergencies due to severe weather.
  • For wisdom for the president as he considers permitting the use of unused COVID aid to fund disaster recovery efforts.
  • For Governor Beshear to seek discernment from the Lord as he coordinates the response to the devastation.

Sources: Fox News, AP 


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