Issue 554 – National Prayer Needs

Pray the Vote

A judge has ruled that a Montana law that would have required people who turn 18 in the month before an election to vote in person thus denying them the option to vote absentee, violates the state constitution.  

In North Carolina, following an appeals court ruling, tens of thousands of people who have been convicted of felonies but who are not incarcerated can now register to vote and cast ballots. 

Pray for state officials and leaders as they seek to secure the general elections in their jurisdictions.  

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

The U.S. Air Force has grounded its fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters due to a problem with components of the ejector seats that could prevent the pilot from being able to eject safely during an emergency. The U.S. Navy also announced earlier in the week that they made a similar decision to ground some of its fixed-wing aircraft due to an ejection seat cartridge device production issue. 

The U.S. Army is keeping track of the arms and equipment it is sending to Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion in order to seek a reimbursement from Congress. Army Chief of Staff James McConville said, “We’re going back to Congress through the Department of Defense, and we’re asking to get the resources to replenish that ammunition and those weapons systems.” 

Pray for the nation’s military leadership to maintain force readiness in these days of rising tensions around the globe. 


The Department of Health and Human Services has proposed including gender identity in the class of protected categories in an antidiscrimination statute known as Section 1557. A Christian medical association and five states sued President Obama’s administration in 2006 over the change in the definition of discrimination “on the basis of sex” to include discrimination based on gender identity. But a judge ruled the anti-discrimination rule violated the Administrative Procedure Act and Religious Freedom Protection Act.  That case regarding religious freedom could serve as a precedent for future litigation against the revival of transgender protections by President Biden’s administration. 

Pray for administration leaders, judges, and faith-based organizations as the attempts to infringe upon the free exercise of religion continues.  


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has warned the United States and South Korea that his country would be willing to use its nuclear arsenal against them. “Our armed forces are completely prepared to respond to any crisis, and our country’s nuclear war deterrent is also ready to mobilize its absolute power dutifully, exactly, and swiftly in accordance with its mission,” the supreme leader said. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a 55-page naval doctrine that states Russia’s motive to become a “great maritime navy” with a presence across the world. The document says their intent is to counter the “strategic policy of the USA to dominate the world’s oceans.” The U.S. has previously warned Russia and China against aggression in the Arctic region. 

Pray for President Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, and those who advise them as they work to sustain a strong foreign policy. 


Hospitals across the country are facing widespread staffing shortages and worker burnout as federal COVID funding has run out. As variants of the coronavirus have come in waves across the nation, health care workers have also experienced infections. Though COVID-positive patients have not flooded ICUs, hospitals are preparing for a potential COVID-19 surge as cases of the BA.5 subvariant increase. 

New research suggests that one in every 20 people who contracts COVID-19 has long-term smell or taste problems leftover from the virus. Researchers say, “Loss of smell and taste adversely affects quality of life by depriving those affected of several everyday pleasures and social bonds.” They stated that there have also been alterations in mood patterns and nutritional preferences and health providers should “be ready to provide support to these patients who often report feeling isolated when their symptoms are overlooked by clinicians.” 

Pray for U.S. health and hospital administrators and medical professionals who are stretched due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its subvariants. 


Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz confirmed that Russia used advanced S300 anti-aircraft missiles to target Israeli jets over Syria In May. “It was a one-off incident,” Minister Gantz said. “Our jets weren’t even in the area.” The Russian missiles never locked on the Israeli jets, and, therefore, did not cause harm to the pilots. However, the confrontation marked a shift in Russia’s attitude toward Israel. 

Israel’s security cabinet voted to withhold 600 million shekels ($176 million) from the Palestinian Authority over the next year to counter the money the PA pays to terrorists and their families. They said those payments incentivize Palestinians to carry out terror attacks against Israelis. 

Pray for strength and resolve for the Israeli Defense Forces, and for the continued successes of the Iron Dome and David’s Sling systems. 


More Americans are implementing frugal measures as they face continued rising prices. A new study from the Wall Street Journal shows that many are cutting their spending, often finding essentials at places like the Dollar Store. 

The Internal Revenue Service has changed its guidelines for inherited IRAs, causing confusion regarding taxes and distributions. Some people are choosing to take a tax loss now instead of trying to figure out the most effective way to navigate the impact of inheriting individual retirement accounts.

Pray for retirement and financial professionals as they attempt to guide Americans, and seniors in particular, regarding their accounts and distributions.  

Pray for Justice in America

A state judge in Wisconsin ruled the Department of Corrections violated both state law and the state constitution when the agency barred clergy from ministering in prison to the spiritual needs of inmates due to its COVID-19 visitor policy. During the time that clergy were prohibited, the Department of Corrections had granted access to lawyers, public officials, and members of the press. 

Give thanks for the judges who are upholding the law and protections against religious discrimination.

Pray for Goodness in America

Millennials are a generation with one of the lowest rates of in-person participation in organized religious activities in North America. A new study by a Waterloo University sociology professor suggests that religious millennials engaging with digital religion have experienced a richer faith experience, while some who don’t go to church have come to faith in digital spaces.  

Give thanks for the many digital offerings from churches and faith organizations, and pray that these millennials will not just find “religion” but come to faith in Jesus Christ. 

Pray for America’s Media

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have directed that COVID claims on social media that are now being debated by mainstream scientists be censored. The newly revealed scope of collaboration between the feds and the technology giants has opened a new chapter in constitutional challenges to state-financed censorship by private actors. 

Pray for U.S. officials, attorneys, and judges as the constitutional freedom of speech is being prohibited and violated. 

Pray for America’s Education

Some parents are beginning to object and take action regarding American colleges promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Parents are claiming the agenda actually diminishes the diversity of viewpoints and opinions of students within the college environment while promoting a culture of fear and intimidation.  “DEI is dangerous,” said one faculty member. 

Oklahoma public schools are now requiring student-athletes to show proof of gender identity at birth before they can compete in sports. The required “biological sex affidavits” coincide with the governor’s signing of the Save Women’s Sports Act, which calls for all sports throughout the collegiate level to group athletes according to their biological sex. 

Pray for educators and academic leaders as ideological conflicts occur in schools from pre-K through university. 

Pray for America’s Technology

Congress is seeking to increase U.S. defenses against the evolving threat of foreign spyware following recent incidents exposing its use on U.S. government officials, journalists, and dissidents. The Intelligence Authorization Act includes a provision authorizing the Director of National Intelligence to prohibit the U.S. intelligence community from buying and using foreign spyware. It has advanced out of the House Intelligence Committee, but a floor vote has not yet been scheduled. 

Pray for the security of America’s intelligence, and for Congress as it considers the new legislation. 

Pray for Needs Across the States

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser has requested that military troops be deployed to help with what is being called a “humanitarian crisis” in the city. Authorities in Texas and Arizona have been sending migrants by bus into the district for months now. At least 4,000 migrants have arrived so far and she says the situation has reached a “tipping point.” 

Alabama voters will have the opportunity to ratify a compiled state constitution when they go to the polls for the general election. The Constitution of 2022 is a reorganized version of the current constitution, which has been the state’s foundational law since it was ratified in 1901. The new constitution removes repealed laws and racist language. 

Pray for state leaders as they face the impact of socioeconomic issues like immigration. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

Joy is happiness that isn’t based on circumstances—rather, it’s set on the confidence that is found in Jesus! The world can be a sad place, with people consumed by their circumstances. But another way to live out our faith and show the world light is to simply be joyful. Especially when life gets hard and things don’t go our way, we have an  opportunity to demonstrate it. Do it by simply choosing to look beyond the circumstances and serve someone else. – Tara Sun, Christian author and blogger, August 2019 

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