Senate Working on Climate Deal Before August Recess

The majority members urge compromise and bipartisanship.

Members of the Senate have been negotiating a bill to address climate change for some time, maintaining conversations with key centrists to try to finalize the verbiage. Although August’s recess is almost two weeks away, majority party members believe they are close to finishing their negotiations.

House Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden of Oregon has proposed clean energy tax credits, creating “a new system based on technological neutrality — not picking winners and losers — and making sure that in the future, the bigger your emissions reductions the bigger your tax savings.”

However, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who did not support previous climate legislation due to its scope and expense, is still expressing concern. He stated, “No matter what spending aspirations some in Congress may have, it is clear to anyone who visits a grocery store or a gas station that we cannot add any more fuel to this inflation fire.”

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For members of the Senate as they review the particulars and the cost of the climate legislation.
  • For Majority Leader Schumer to seek discernment from the Lord regarding bills to bring to the floor for a vote.
  • For wisdom for the president and his climate and environmental advisors.

Sources: The Hill, Reuters


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