Issue 550 – Verse of the Week

July 7th – July 13th, 2022


A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.   Proverbs 15:1

Turn, Don’t Stir

Of all the verses you could commit to memory, today’s verse is very relevant to these conflicted days in the United States. Spend time with the Lord so you can respond to those who are contentious with the “soft answer” by His Spirit. Set your heart on Him so that your words may be used for what Scripture says they should be: a witness, an encouragement, a challenge, an edifier, a voice crying out for righteousness. Be sure that your words are being used for what is right according to the Word of God and that you deliver them in a loving way. Heed the cautions of James 3:5: “So the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire!” Pray that, as the Holy Spirit moderates your words, He will also work to soften the hearts of those who oppose Him.

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