Justice Breyer Formally Retires from the Supreme Court

Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in.

On Thursday, Justice Stephen Breyer officially retired from the Supreme Court.

“It has been my great honor to participate as a judge in the effort to maintain our Constitution and the rule of law,” Justice Breyer said Wednesday, reminding the Court that his previously announced retirement from the court would take effect as of noon Thursday. His retirement caps off a nearly 28-year career on the bench.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who once clerked for Justice Breyer, was sworn in after the final decisions of the term were released and Justice Breyer stepped down.

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For Justice Breyer to have a healthy and productive retirement.
  • For Ketanji Brown Jackson as she prepares for the coming Supreme Court term.
  • For the justices of the Supreme Court as they take their summer recesses.

Sources: The Hill, Politico


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