Issue 548 – National Prayer Needs

Pray the Vote

A county in New Mexico has been ordered by the state Supreme Court to certify its June 7 primary election results. The state attorney general also threatened to take legal action after the county commissioners refused to certify over concerns about Dominion vote-counting machines. 

The successful recall of the San Francisco district attorney has led to a recall campaign against the district attorney of Los Angeles. The effort has hit its signature requirement to appear on the November ballot. 

Pray for the integrity of the coming elections and transparency in election administration. 

Additional National Prayer Needs

Pray for our Military

New documents reveal that the U.S. Army is teaching West Point cadets critical race theory, including addressing “whiteness.” The documents were obtained as part of a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request for documents related to the instruction of cadets and include over 100 pages on training. 

U.S. troops in Syria detained a senior Islamic State leader. Operation Inherent Resolve, the American mission to defeat ISIS, stated Hani Ahmed al Kurdi, known as Salim, has been identified and captured. He is described as an “experienced bomb maker and operational facilitator who became one of the leaders in the Syria branch of ISIS.” 

Pray for the young men and women who are entering the nation’s military academies this year. 


President Biden signed an executive order to counter state laws that prohibit transgender athletes from participating in girls’ sports. It also targets policies, like Florida’s Parental Rights Law, that prevent indoctrination of kindergarteners through third graders of sexual orientation or gender identity ideology. The order directs federal agencies to expand access to gender-altering medical care for young people. 

Pray for American parents and guardians seeking to safeguard the development—physical, mental, emotional, and sexual—of their children without government interference. 


The executive arm of the European Union recommended Ukraine for candidate status a day after key European leaders endorsed the plan on a visit to Kyiv. The recommendation is the first step in what could be a long process for Ukraine to join the bloc. The accession process requires a unanimous vote of the 27 member states. 

The U.S. has imposed sanctions on Chinese and Emirati companies and a network of Iranian firms that help export Iran’s petrochemicals. The step that may be intended to increase pressure on Tehran to revive the 2015 nuclear accord. 

Pray for U.S. officials about the role being played by America and as the military and humanitarian aid being provided to Ukraine continues.


The Food and Drug Administration issued emergency use authorization for COVID-19 vaccines for children age 5 and under, making the shots available for the youngest children. Both Pfizer and Moderna shots were approved. 

A new Kaiser Family Foundation Health Care Debt Survey shows four out of 10 Americans say they have active debt from medical and dental bills. Twenty-four percent of those surveyed said their bills are past due or have not been paid. 

Pray for families with high levels of debt due to costly medical procedures or healthcare. 


The leaders of Israel’s fragile coalition government said they would move to dissolve parliament and call a new election, sending that nation back to the polls for the fifth time in four years. The collapse of the government comes less than a month before President Biden’s visit to Israel, which is planned for July 13. 

The Israeli nonprofit organization the Palestinian Media Watch, which tracks incitement in Palestinian media, says the Palestinian Authority officials are threatening a “religious” war over Jews praying at the Temple Mount. Their report shows PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ “official spokesmen and advisors” claim that Israel seeks to enforce Jewish prayer at the site and eventually build a third temple. 

Pray for the citizens of Israel as they prepare for another vote for their parliamentary leadership. 


The American Petroleum Institute, the nation’s largest oil and natural gas trade association, sent the White House a suggested 10-step plan to lower oil prices, beginning with lifting restrictions on drilling on federal land, streamlining permitting processes, advancing new energy infrastructure projects, and eliminating supply-chain bottlenecks. 

Homebuilding decreased last month to a 13-month low and permits also declined, indicating the housing market is slowing down as rising mortgage rates reduce affordability for many first-time homebuyers. Adding to the shortages, mortgage rates have increased to their highest level in 13 years as the Federal Reserve raised rates. New 30-year fixed mortgage interest rates start at 5.78 percent. 

Pray U.S. economic officials as inflation and increased interest rates are causing concerns of a possible recession.

Pray for Justice in America

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled that abortion rights are not protected by the state constitution. “All we hold today is that the Iowa Constitution is not the source of a fundamental right to an abortion necessitating a strict scrutiny standard of review for regulations affecting that right,” the court said. The matter now moves to legislators to determine how they will handle abortion in that state.

Pray the hearts of state legislators to soften toward the unborn and that they protect and uphold the sanctity of life.

Pray for Goodness in America

A North Carolina trooper pulled a driver over for speeding. On questioning the driver, the trooper found that she was taking her father, suffering from cancer, home from a chemo treatment and had not realized she was going so fast. Seeing the man was in pain, and remembering his own struggles with a similar condition in the past, the trooper did not write a citation but rather asked if he could pray for the man. “I absolutely believe in prayer,” he said. The incident was captured on a dashboard camera, and has gone viral. 

Pray for members of America’s law enforcement agencies who put on the uniform each day to uphold their oath to serve and protect the public. 

Pray for America’s Technology

Hundreds of car crashes have been linked to self-driving and other tech. Tesla reported the most crashes, which are suspected to involve advanced driver assistance technology, in the government’s first survey of such incidents. But the NHTSA cautioned about drawing conclusions about any company’s safety features given the data’s limitations. 

Pray for U.S. transportation officials as they investigate the advancements in technology that may cause drivers to ignore their need to be aware and responsible behind the wheel. 

Pray for Needs Across the States

The Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning Board of Trustees approved increased spending on salaries for existing faculty at Mississippi universities, giving pay raises this coming school year to bring them more in line with regional averages for professors. 

Declines in the financial markets are hurting Alabama’s Employees Retirement System, but officials say the pension fund remains sound. Through April, the rate of return on investments was minus 5 percent for this fiscal year. But the agency’s chief says employees should not be concerned because they have a defined benefit plan, which means it is not dependent on investment earnings. 

Pray for state agencies as they contend with rising inflation and monetary issues that impact their states. 

Pray for America’s Faith Community

The more you are grounded in prayer and the presence of God, the less the world will be able to move you.”  – Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author, interview on Daystar, 2020 

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