Administration Announces Railroad Infrastructure Grants

Funding could help inflation in shipping business. 

President Biden’s administration announced Thursday that it will be providing more than $368 million in railroad infrastructure grants Among the projects being funded are a passenger line extension in central Florida, removal of at-grade crossings in Texas, and a new engineering program at a Historically Black University in Baltimore. 

“We’ve got the largest and most extensive rail network in the world here in the U.S., and Americans deserve world class rail service to go with it. So it’s urgent for us to modernize our railroad infrastructure to get people and goods where they need to get faster, safer and more affordably,” Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg stated from the White House. 

“Thanks to the bipartisan infrastructure law, we are going to see historic levels of funding for this oversubscribed program for years to come,” said Secretary Buttigieg. 

Other types of projects funded include efforts to replace aging railroad bridges and tracks, to reduce or eliminate curves that slow down freight and passenger trains, and to upgrade accessibility for people with disabilities. 

The administration is promoting the funding as a way to help fight inflation in the shipping business. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president and his administration to seek God’s guidance as infrastructure funding is allocated.
  • For wisdom for Secretary Buttigieg as he oversees infrastructure disbursements.
  • For U.S. officials to invest the funding in discerning and efficient ways.

Sources: Roll Call, Transportation Business


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