Russia-Ukraine War Reaches 100 Days

No path projected to end the conflict. 

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its 100th day with no clear end in sight, Ukrainians are more determined than ever to take back the land that has been lost so far. From officials in Kyiv to residents in other locales, the message is consistent: the country will not accept concessions of territory in order to reach a peace agreement with their invading neighbor. 

At the outset, Russian President Putin underestimated Ukrainian President Zelensky, expecting Zelensky to flee from the capital, abandoning his people, and that Russia would have an easy time of it. One hundred days later, not only has Ukraine not collapsed, nor Zelensky flee, but Ukrainian troops, equipped with modern anti-tank weaponry delivered by the U.S. and its allies, have devastated Russian armored columns. 

Russia now claims it holds about 20 percent of Ukraine’s territory, saying it controls 95 percent of the Dombas region in the East. 

While the U.S. and Europe have imposed a series of sanctions on Russia, sanctions have proved to be a double-edged sword that is hurting the European economy. 

At this time, both sides agree there is little chance of a peacefully negotiated settlement in the immediate future. 

As the Lord Leads, Pray with Us…

  • For the president to seek the Lord’s direction as U.S. interacts with both Russia and Ukraine.
  • For members of the National Security Council to look to God for discernment as they assess intelligence and advise the president.
  • For wisdom for Secretaries Blinken and Austin as they provide the president with diplomatic and military recommendations.

Sources: NBC News, CBS, CNN, Washington Examiner, Reuters


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